Racing for Rylan (Inactive) Oklahoma City

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Our beautiful little boy, Rylan, is a rambunctious, exciting, hilarious, stubborn, adorable, sweet, all-around perfect little toddler. He also was recently diagnosed with autism. Though our world was rocked with such a diagnosis, we have hope for our child, thanks to the wonderful programs in our great state! Our goal is to raise funds to help keep the amazing programs, such as Early Foundations, going! There are many wonderful programs in Oklahoma that are already making a difference for our sweet boy and countless others with the same disorder, and these programs can't go on without donations. Just as important as funding is, autism awareness is just as essential. Too many children go undiagnosed or have a delayed diagnosis, preventing them from getting the early help they so desperately need. Please consider donating whatever you feel you may give. Every dollar does help! Please join us on the day of the walk, and share away!

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