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Oklahoma City

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We have had quite the year. We have learned there's so much need in our communities for resources. Please join us in raising funds for our communities and the families who need us the most.... this includes my very own family!!! <3 Pi Tvshka Blake (Our Warrior Blake)

Badges Earned

Members 10
Raised 500

Money Raised

$ 780

Team Fundraising Goal: $1,500
Total Raised: $780

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 21


Christina Martinez piecewalk
Sara Cline piecewalk
Megan Callen donor
Rebecca Rodriguez donor
Criselda Bui donor
Deborah Easton donor
Teresa Garey donor
Isabel Williams piecewalk
Trisha Balser piecewalk
Anonymous donor
Teresa Canada donor
Laurie Flores donor
Scott Templin donor
Tisha Pappan donor
Verna And Faith donor
Anonymous donor
Dennis April Bloye donor
Gabrielle Barros donor
Abigail Easton piecewalk
Myra Martinez donor
Raven Chong-Sang donor


Anonymous $100
Raven Chong-Sang $100
Verna And Faith $80
Dennis April Bloye $75
Criselda Bui $50
Anonymous $50
Laurie Flores $50
Tisha Pappan $50
Myra Martinez $50
Teresa Garey $30
Gabrielle Barros $30
Deborah Easton $25
Teresa Canada $25
Scott Templin $25
Megan Callen $20
Rebecca Rodriguez $20
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