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We’re so excited for the third annual Autism Piece Walk for our Payton Grace! Payton is 5 and was diagnosed with autism 2 years ago. This year she graduated from her ABA center and started full time at Porter Schools! She's doing wonderful with the transition and we are so proud of her! If you are one of her “people” you know the joy of her giggles, the way she lights up when she’s trying to figure out how something works, and how special it is when she talks to you or sings you a song. We’ve came a long way, and have a ways to go, but with the love and support of Payton’s people we believe Payton can accomplish anything! Whether you will be able to attend or not please sign up to be on her team by clicking the 'join my team' link. If you feel called to donate in honor of Payton we would be so thankful and love your help in spreading their mission of embracing differences!

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Team Fundraising Goal: $200
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Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 5


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Payton Sherwood PieceWalk
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