Payton’s People Tulsa

Team Message

We’re so excited for our second annual Autism Piece Walk for our Payton Grace! Payton is 4 and was diagnosed with autism last year. Last year we had a wonderful weekend in OKC celebrating Payton and this year we are so excited they are doing a Tulsa event for the first time ever! If you are one of her “people” you know the joy of her giggles, the way she lights up when she’s trying to figure out how something works, and how special it is when she says a word to you. We’ve came a long way in a year, and have a ways to go, but with the love and support of Payton’s people we believe Payton can accomplish anything! If you feel called to donate in honor of Payton we would be so thankful and love your help in spreading their mission of embracing differences!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 200
Total Raised: 2310

$2310 of $200

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 27

27 of 10


Jodi Sherwood piecewalk
Sarah Goble piecewalk
Jeremiah Sherwood piecewalk
Katie Swar piecewalk
Karen Rodden piecewalk
Paisley Sherwood piecewalk
Steve Rodden piecewalk
Cassie Austin piecewalk
Shannon Cooley piecewalk
Lynn Archibald piecewalk
Amy Jones piecewalk
Kinsleigh Wiedel piecewalk
Shane Jones piecewalk
Layne Rodden piecewalk
Scott Rodden piecewalk
Bob Archibald piecewalk
Debbie Sherwood piecewalk
Paul Ceselski piecewalk
Deneen Cook piecewalk
Sammye Rodden piecewalk
Rochelle Miller piecewalk
Payton Sherwood piecewalk
Parker Sherwood piecewalk
Christopher Sherwood piecewalk
Lydia Goble piecewalk
Julia Goble piecewalk
Walker Five LLC / Porter Country Store Donor


Shannon Cooley $20
Ramsey Therapy Group $250
Raffle Ticket Fundraiser $102
Soccer night fundraiser $162
Pie fundraiser $359
Autism Awareness change drive fundraiser $1,342
Walker Five LLC / Porter Country Store $75