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Matthew is in every sense of the word a normal happy 12 year old Tween. Who just happens to have autism. He's had many firsts this year. His first year in General Education classes Full-Time. He made his first real friends in school. He's made huge steps at being the first to initiate conversations with people, he's playing on his first special Olympics team this year and so much more. He's amazing in every sense of the word. Matthew loves to laugh, loves Squeezes, loves You-Tube, Puzzles, and People. You will never meet a happier child or one who smiles more. Autism Tulsa is a great organization. It helps families like mine connect to other families walking the same journey. This year alone they sent Matthew to the Driller's Baseball game, and Safari Joe's Water Park. They helped him go to Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch. He had a blast at everything we've done with them. They have a monthly support group WITH CHILDCARE. They have a Mom's Mingle WITH a Coffee Bar. They go all out in everything they do. They host a great FB page with lots of info and support. I love these people. Please help us raise money toward our goal of $200.00. Thank you for your donations. I promise you. Your donation. Changes lives. Just like Matthew! He has a Tribe. He is lucky. Let's make sure other kids do too.

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Team Fundraising Goal: 200
Total Raised: 50

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Membership Goal: 25
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