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Matthew is a very normal happy 14 year old. He currently attends Memorial Middle School. He has made great friends in school.  He’s starting a new special Olympics team with his new school this year. He’s super excited. Has been doing virtual activities with them so far this year. He learned he likes and enjoys basketball. And before Covid ruined everything even talked about joining his school’s team.    He's an amazing young man who is in love with Christian music and wants to share his love with everyone he meets. He loves to get to know peoples names. Matthew loves to laugh,  Squeezes,  You-Tube, Puzzles, logo games, and People. He is also in love with the babies he gets to hang out with. His adopted twin cousins Annie, and Ellie and his actual 1st Niece Braelynn.  He’s spent the last year loving on two English Bulldog sisters.  You have never met a happier child or one who smiles more. Autism Tulsa is a great organization. It helps families like mine connect to other families walking the same journey. This year alone Matthew has made huge strides forward with so many great accomplishments and Autism Tulsa is there with us every step of the way. They go all out in everything they do. They host a great FB page with lots of info and support. I love these people. Please help us raise money toward our goal of $200.00. Thank you for your donations. I promise you. Your donation. Changes lives. Just like Matthew! He has a Tribe. He is lucky. Let's make sure other kids do too.

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Team Fundraising Goal: $400
Total Raised: $160

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Membership Goal: 35
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Gwen Carver $25
Samantha Ray $25
Tina Kaminski $30
Karen Post $25
Freda Bighorse $5
Dawn Farrell $50
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