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We are Munch’s Dream Team and we are a bunch of family and friends that stand behind Matthew to help push him to his goals and accomplishments. We are creating a team to support the Piecewalk and because Matthew enjoys it every year.

Badges Earned

Members 25

Money Raised

$ 165

Team Fundraising Goal: 250
Total Raised: $165

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 50
Team Members: 42


Samantha Ray piecewalk
Braelynn Ray piecewalk
Tyler Ray piecewalk
Thomas Winslow piecewalk
Kandy Winslow piecewalk
Laura Johnson piecewalk
Debbie Brobst piecewalk
Tina Kaminski piecewalk
Matthew Kaminski piecewalk
Jane Paul piecewalk
Gwen Carver donor
Teresa Sheehan piecewalk
Hunter Sheehan piecewalk
Emily Morgenstern piecewalk
Joshua Morgenstern piecewalk
Addyson Morgenstern piecewalk
Peter Kaminski piecewalk
Trevor Kaiser piecewalk
Kayla Ribelin piecewalk
Fran Nichols piecewalk
Taryn Heath donor
Brandy Massey piecewalk
Mitchell Massey piecewalk
Joey Massey piecewalk
Mitch Massey piecewalk
Sharon Heath piecewalk
Heath Covey piecewalk
Tanner Erb piecewalk
Facebook Fundraiser donor
Savannah Leon piecewalk
Dylan Leon piecewalk
Shy Winslow piecewalk
Nathan Winslow piecewalk
Carter Winslow piecewalk
Lee Patterson piecewalk
Levi Patterson piecewalk
Cindy Kaster piecewalk
Trinity Kaiser donor
Michelle Davis piecewalk
Kynleigh Ray piecewalk
Danna Johansen piecewalk
Lisa Johansen piecewalk


Facebook Fundraiser $50
Gwen Carver $25
Taryn Heath $25
Trinity Kaiser $25
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