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Please join Micah and our family for our 10th annual piecewalk. . We are thankful for Autism Oklahoma and the programs it provides for our family. There is something to do for everyone and it is FREE! We look forward to seeing you there!

Star of the Team


Micah brings joy to our home. His laughter, snuggles and unconditional love are priceless. Of course, he also does typical 15 year old teenage stuff. He loves trains, music, swimming, horseback riding, church and shopping on EBay. He will never turn down pizza, strawberries or ice cream. He is a treasure.

Badges Earned

Money Raised


Team Fundraising Goal: $250
Total Raised: $300

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 15
Team Members: 25


Regina Alexander piecewalk
Faisal Madni 5k
Dennis Fauchier piecewalk
Lynda Fowler 5k
Robin Combs piecewalk
Maria Joaquin piecewalk
Maria Montelongo piecewalk
Michael Alexander PieceWalk
Micah Alexander PieceWalk
Joshua Alexander PieceWalk
Stacey Braghini PieceWalk
Caryn Miller PieceWalk
Allysin Miller PieceWalk
James Braghini PieceWalk
Sophia Braghini PieceWalk
Troy Braghini PieceWalk
Reagyn Miller PieceWalk
Julia Espino PieceWalk
Christian Alveraz PieceWalk
Julian Alvarez PieceWalk
Julieta Alvarez PieceWalk
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor
Paul Gatchell Donor
Sarah Somerville Donor
Regina Cude-Alexander Donor


FaceBook Fundraiser $100
Paul Gatchell $5
Dennis Fauchier $25
Sarah Somerville $20
Regina Alexander $50
Regina Cude-Alexander $50
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