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Lucas Without Limits was created for Lucas Adrian Levi Owens! Lucas is a member of The Comanche Nation. He was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2.5 years. Doctors may have said he would never be able to do this or never be able to do that and every day he continues to prove them wrong. Hence the team name "Lucas Without Limits" This will be his 6th year participating in the PieceWalk. Lucas is 8 years old and in 2nd grade! His brothers Caleb and Jovi are his best friends. He STILL loves Nintendo Switch, Among Us, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Mario, and Sprite! He may be a boy with few words but he always wears his heart on his sleeve and his emotions in his eyebrows! 

Badges Earned

Elite Badge
Members 50
Raised 2500
Community Event

Money Raised

$ 3,553

Team Fundraising Goal: $100
Total Raised: $3,553

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 54


Bobby McCarthy piecewalk
Jovi Owens piecewalk
Caleb McCarthy piecewalk
Angela Knox piecewalk
Tracy Walker piecewalk
Dani Craig piecewalk
Sunny Walker piecewalk
Emily Parton piecewalk
Haydn Walker piecewalk
Jerald Walker piecewalk
Emerald Walker piecewalk
Rhianna Nelson piecewalk
Lindsay Early piecewalk
Val Mullenix piecewalk
The Native Hippy piecewalk
Jaynee Nelson piecewalk
TJ Roughface piecewalk
Jayden Roughface piecewalk
Adrianna Roughface piecewalk
Leilani Roughface piecewalk
Kaycen Roughface piecewalk
Vince McCarthy piecewalk
Julia McCarthy piecewalk
Wendall Autaubo piecewalk
Dustin Roughface piecewalk
Felicia Roughface piecewalk
Brittany Turner piecewalk
Gladys Walker piecewalk
Vincent McCarthy Jr piecewalk
Jay Mule piecewalk
Caroline Wendichansky piecewalk
Amber Woommavovah piecewalk
Blake Ashlynn piecewalk
Marty Flores piecewalk
Mary-Ann Conte donor
Bobby Mccarthy piecewalk
Nadia Tenequer piecewalk
Tamia Sutton piecewalk
Christopher Bowling piecewalk
monica Christ donor
Jessica Tahah piecewalk
David Gardner piecewalk
Mateo Gardner piecewalk
Amber Woommavovah donor
Abbie Spence donor
Becky Sigler donor
Jessica Battle piecewalk
Terry Battle piecewalk
Elias Battle piecewalk
Aislinn McClung piecewalk
Patricia Arreola donor
Little Indian Runner donor
AppleWatch Raffle donor
Annie Machado donor


Little Indian Runner $1,000
March Calendar Fundraiser $672
March Calendar Fundraiser $500
March Calendar Fundraiser $455
AppleWatch Raffle $450
monica Christ $100
Amber Woommavovah $100
Annie Machado $50
Mary-Ann Conte $50
Annie Machado $50
Brittany Turner $25
Becky Sigler $25
Abbie Spence $20
Patricia Arreola $20
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