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This will be the 3rd year #LucasWithoutLimits has participated in the Annual Piecewalk. Lucas started Pre-K this past August and has surpassed every goal that has been set out in front of him!

Thank you to everyone who has helped, guided, encouraged, loved, and supported my Lucas Adrian. It means the world to us.

Star of the Team

Lucas Owens

Lucas is 5 years old and this is his 3rd year participating in The Piecewalk. Lucas Loves, Trains, Dinosaurs, and Dragons. Lucas is the best big brother to Jovi.

Badges Earned

Money Raised


Team Fundraising Goal: $100
Total Raised: $664

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 20
Team Members: 40


Adrianne Roughface piecewalk
William Owens piecewalk
Julie Servin piecewalk
Jovi Owens piecewalk
Sunny Walker piecewalk
Angela Knox piecewalk
Tito Lindsey piecewalk
Christina Cooper piecewalk
Frank Swift 5k
Rachel Compton piecewalk
Melissa Harjo 5k
Lavinia Pau-Kune piecewalk
Gladys Walker piecewalk
Tracy Walker piecewalk
Dani Craig piecewalk
Bobby McCarthy piecewalk
Misti DeVine piecewalk
Roni Rawlins piecewalk
Patrick Craig piecewalk
Ally Carr piecewalk
Mary-Ann Conte piecewalk
Emily Parton piecewalk
Jerald Walker piecewalk
Robert Hausman piecewalk
Robert Hausman piecewalk
Cindy Famero piecewalk
TJ Roughface piecewalk
Jayden Vasquez piecewalk
Dustin Roughface piecewalk
Felicia Highwalker piecewalk
Levi Walker piecewalk
Jolene Schonchin piecewalk
Lavinia Edge Pau-Kune piecewalk
Angela Smith piecewalk
Corbyn Swift piecewalk
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor
Dawn Tahchawwickah Donor
Linda Tiddark Donor
Lucas Without Limits 2020 "Be Kind" Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor


Christina Cooper $25
Rachel Compton $50
FaceBook Fundraiser $150
Dawn Tahchawwickah $20
Linda Tiddark $25
Lucas Without Limits 2020 "Be Kind" $244
FaceBook Fundraiser $80