Lucas without Limits Oklahoma City

Team Message

Thank you to everyone who is there for Lucas, and for being apart of his team. This is Lucas' second year participating in the piece walk. He has grown so much in a year. His verbal communication is growing everyday, he is learning to make friends, and will be starting pre-k in August. He is doing so much better in crowds and with social interacting. Also, his best Jovi is by his side everyday even when I cant be. I hope to see everyone there on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

Again, Thank you to everyone who has helped, guided, encouraged, loved, and supported my Lucas Adrian. it means the world to me.

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 100
Total Raised: 335

$335 of $100

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 20
Team Members: 36

36 of 20


Adrianne Roughface piecewalk
Tracy Walker Craig piecewalk
Julie Servin piecewalk
Jayden Vasquez piecewalk
Jovi Owens piecewalk
Sunny Walker piecewalk
Geordan Wermy piecewalk
Bobby McCarthy piecewalk
Dustin Roughface piecewalk
Gladys Walker piecewalk
Haley Williams piecewalk
Tj Roughface piecewalk
Yolanda Walker piecewalk
Terri Parton piecewalk
Christopher Hernandez piecewalk
Les and Georje Walker piecewalk
Cierra Wesaw piecewalk
Raquel Ramos piecewalk
Kinlinn Niedo piecewalk
Kiera McNamar piecewalk
kareriss williams piecewalk
Andrea Botone piecewalk
Alexandria Scott piecewalk
Angela Knox piecewalk
Mark woommavovah 5k
Dani Craig piecewalk
Adrianna Roughface piecewalk
Jayce Hernandez piecewalk
Kyson Hernandez piecewalk
Misti DeVine piecewalk
Lindsay Early Donor
Reni Hanley SLP, LLC Donor
Bonnie Lemon Donor
Mary-Ann Conte Donor
Kids Under Construction Donor
Jovi Walker Owens Donor


Lindsay Early $20
Reni Hanley SLP, LLC $50
Bonnie Lemon $15
Mary-Ann Conte $100
Kids Under Construction $100
Jovi Walker Owens $15