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Team Quote:   "In a world full of dogs, be a cat."          I am creating a team this year to help bring awareness to the world about autism. My oldest son was diagnosed with high functioning autism (aspergers) at 6 years old. I have told him his whole life that his differences are what make him special and that his autism is not a condition that needs to be cured. It is what makes Kaiden - Kaiden. That is our belief for him. Although every autistic person is different and every situation is different. I want the world to know, understand, and accept. 

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Meet Kaiden! He will be 13 years old this year. A few of his favorite things are cats, mincecraft, legos, and transformers. He came up with our team motto and theme all on his own and believes that instead of focusing on a cure the focus should be on awareness and acceptance of everyone no matter what their differences are because autism is what makes Kaiden-Kaiden 🧩

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Scot Atchley $50
Scot Atchley $50
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