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We are walking for Kelson’s Kause! Kelson lights up a room with his warming smile and sparkling personality. He is a true gift from God and has blessed us and others in many ways. We are excited about what God has done and will do in his life! Please come show your support for Kelson on Saturday June 3rd at the PieceWalk to help support Kelson’s Kause. We will let everyone know about Kelson’s Kause T-shirts as soon as we get the information. Thank you all for your love and support! Jason and Leslie Givens

Badges Earned

Members 25
Raised 500

Money Raised

$ 700

Team Fundraising Goal: $3,000
Total Raised: $700

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 75
Team Members: 42


Leslie Givens piecewalk
Kelson Givens piecewalk
Jason Givens piecewalk
Christine Batterman piecewalk
Jack Ogden piecewalk
Gwena Dixon piecewalk
Misty Wilson piecewalk
Suzanne Milnes piecewalk
Kirk Wilson piecewalk
Crystal Murray piecewalk
Amy Smith piecewalk
Monica Mapira piecewalk
Heston Zimmerman piecewalk
Brandi Bell piecewalk
Ashten Zimmerman piecewalk
Michele Robertson piecewalk
Brock Zimmerman piecewalk
Devin Smith piecewalk
Eric Mixon piecewalk
Macoy Mixon piecewalk
Liv Mixon piecewalk
Shelley Young piecewalk
Julie Wolffrum piecewalk
Mike and Tina White piecewalk
Leisa Hall piecewalk
Greg Hall piecewalk
Ashley Sellers piecewalk
James Sellers piecewalk
Linda Ogle piecewalk
Andrew Ragsdale piecewalk
Haley Ragsdale piecewalk
Birdie Ragsdale piecewalk
Goldie Ragsdale piecewalk
Briggs Ragsdale piecewalk
Dana Spencer donor
Danielle Kaskaske piecewalk
Tina White donor
Tallsun Kaskaske piecewalk
Brock Zimmerman piecewalk
Sherrie Allen donor
Billie Minney donor
Leslie Givens donor


Dana Spencer $250
Sherrie Allen $250
Leslie Givens $100
Tina White $75
Billie Minney $25
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