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Kegger & Bean

Kenny (AKA Kegger) is our soon to be 18 yr old Autistic son & Dylan (AKA Bean) is our soon to be 10 yr old Autistic nephew. Both of these boys are amazing! And our families have the motto "Autism doesn't slow us down". Kenny was diagnosed exceptionally young and has been recieving Speech and Occupational Therapy since diagnosis, as has Dylan. Both boys are verbal, Kenny more so than Dylan but Dylan is making great strides in that area. Our families took their diagnosis' hard to begin with, but we all immediately agreed that we would do all that we could to ensure our children would not be left behind. We did as much personal research as possible to figure out ways to reach and teach our boys and every day with them is a new adventure. Since the diagnosis, our families have also become very active in promoting Autism Awareness within our town, schools & communities. My daughter and I have even participated in the "Polar Plunge" at Safari Joe's H2O water park in Tulsa & Bass Pro Shoppe in Broken Arrow to raise funds for Special Olympics. We are hoping our team (Team Kegger & Bean) can raise at least $300 for the Tulsa Piecewalk & 5K. Your donations for our team's cause will go to families of Autistic children, Autism Awareness support groups and Autism medical research. Please show your support by donating today. Your donations ensure no child gets left behind or forgotten. Thank you from our families to yours. Sincerely Amanda Raby

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 300
Total Raised: 500

$500 of $300

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Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 33

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Mark Lawson $100
Marilyn Lovelace $100
Amanda Raby $295
Amanda Raby $5