Kayden’s Krew (Inactive) Oklahoma City

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“They said he wouldn’t, but he did. They said he couldn’t, but he can. They said he won’t, but he WILL.” When Kayden was diagnosed we felt like our world had turned upside down and inside out. We were drowning in a world we knew nothing about. In one day our world had changed, yet remained completely the same. We watch our son struggle every day with things that come so easily to other children. Yet, where he has struggled is where we have found our strength. His struggle makes him so amazingly unique. We’re still early on in our Autism journey and our son is in almost 25 hours of therapy each week to help guide him. However, I find that even though he’s in therapy to learn, he ends up teaching us something new about Autism every day. What a special journey we’re on... so please join us in that journey and donate or Walk with us to make a difference for Autism services in Oklahoma.

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