It Takes a Village - OKC Inclusive Homeschooling Oklahoma City

Team Message

In our Village, we embrace a culture of diversity and abilities! Please join us as we support and celebrate those families in our homeschooling community that are affected by autism!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 300
Total Raised: 377

$377 of $300

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 30
Team Members: 43

43 of 30


Amy Burgess piecewalk
Kristy Hunter piecewalk
Kindy Cloakey piecewalk
Daphanie Mitts piecewalk
Amy Hanel piecewalk
Sierra Cunningham piecewalk
Sarah Wasson piecewalk
Sophia Lorance piecewalk
Christopher Hawk piecewalk
Magen Partain piecewalk
kara slaymaker piecewalk
Junior Maguire piecewalk
Brandy Patzkie piecewalk
Serenity Koerner piecewalk
Gwenlynn Flores piecewalk
Marco Flores piecewalk
Malachi Dilley piecewalk
Lucius Dilley piecewalk
Benjamin Hanel piecewalk
Madeline Burgess piecewalk
Theodore Burgess piecewalk
Matthew Hunter piecewalk
Katie Hunter piecewalk
Mason Hunter piecewalk
Wyatt Wasson piecewalk
Corey Lorance piecewalk
Aryanna Lorance piecewalk
Christian Lorance piecewalk
Lourdes Vest piecewalk
Izzy Lorance piecewalk
Sophia Lorance piecewalk
Nickie Hall piecewalk
Jessica Underwood piecewalk
Michael Underwood piecewalk
Kristen Hawk piecewalk
Christopher Hawk piecewalk
Sabrina Gillhause piecewalk
Dominick Lamp piecewalk
Jason Lamp piecewalk
Alyssa Patzkie piecewalk
Amy Burgess Donor
Vicky Mcneill Donor
Gwenlynn Pennies for Autism Donor


Kindy Cloakey $20
Kindy Cloakey $100
Amy Burgess $25
Vicky Mcneill $40
Gwenlynn Pennies for Autism $192