Holdyn’s Heroes Team Page

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Welcome to Holdyn’s Heroes team page. This team has been formed to support the Autism Oklahoma PieceWalk on 05/06/2017. Information about this team can be found below.

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: $2,500.00
Total Raised: $4,015.00
$4015 of $2500

Members Recruited

Recruitment Goal: 20
Members Recruited: 37
37 of 20

Team Message:

Holdyn’s Heroes team was created to bring awareness to autism as well as to those heroes who are instrumental in managing this complex condition.
Holdyn loves Super Heroes, and he brings such joy to our family and a host of others he encounters. As his parents, we feel that the people who help us along the way are also heroes as it truly takes a village to manage persons with Autism. His heroes include: healthcare providers (MD/DO, SLP, OT, PT); educators including teachers, administration, special education; and a strong network of family, friends, and community support!
We created Holdyn’s Heroes to raise funds to support the Oklahoma Autism Network in hopes of further advancing diagnosis, treatment, and support/advocacy for those affected and living their day to day lives with this condition.

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Team Event Participants:

Member NameEvent
Christa Boren (Team Captain)piecewalk
Aidyn Borenpiecewalk
Hudsyn Borenpiecewalk
Glenda Beecherpiecewalk
Bobbi Bergmanpiecewalk
Carrie Wallispiecewalk
Scott Maxwellpiecewalk
Dara Clark5k
Dale Boren Jrpiecewalk
Jamie Gorepiecewalk
Rylie Gorepiecewalk
Coulson Gorepiecewalk
Saidi Gorepiecewalk
Brad Wallispiecewalk
Shelly Wallispiecewalk
Julie Baublitpiecewalk
Madison Baublitpiecewalk
Preston Baublitpiecewalk
Cayde Spencetpiecewalk
Jessica Krowspiecewalk
Kevin Krowspiecewalk
Jordan Wood5k
Kregg Wood5k
Alysse Luttman5k
Sarena Kauk5k
Monty Kauk5k
Dillon Kauk5k
Lora Burchpiecewalk
Melissa Dodsonpiecewalk
Courtney Cloverpiecewalk
Erin Meierpiecewalk
Tyler Meierpiecewalk
Starla Collinspiecewalk
Sherry Greenpiecewalk
Shae Robinaonpiecewalk
Jovona Robinsonpiecewalk
Jason Cloverpiecewalk

Team Donations Received:

DonorDonation Amount
Dale & Christa Boren$800.00
Dana Martin$500.00
Matt and Somer Heim$250.00
Sarena Kauk$150.00
Krista and Dale Boren$100.00
Beckey Smith$100.00
Sherry Green$100.00
Missy Simmons$100.00
Janie Taylor$100.00
Jamie Gore$100.00
Christian Women's Fellowship$100.00
Travis, Jen, Adlee & Audree Boren$100.00
Marilyn Harrel$100.00
Amanda Drinnon$50.00
Permanently Perfect Cosmetics, LLC$50.00
Maxine Gore$50.00
Vici Grocery$50.00
Jessica Krows$50.00
Maria Bratton$50.00
Jordan Wood$50.00
3K Designs$50.00
Dawn Everett$50.00
Robyn Penry$50.00
Ginger Boren$50.00
Robert and Lynette York$50.00
John Marrujo$50.00
Vashni Irving$50.00
Dee Ann Boatman$50.00
Dara Clark$50.00
Starla Collins$50.00
Anh Boren$50.00
Jason and Kristen Brown$30.00
Ashlyn Atigre$25.00
Chance Jones$25.00
Connie Hefner$25.00
Dianne Lenaburg$25.00
Deedra Puffinbarger$25.00
Jerri Wilson$25.00
Shelly Wallis$25.00
Brandon Rodgers$25.00
DaveCarol Sharp$20.00
Glenda Beecher$20.00