Help'n Austin with Autism Oklahoma City

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Come join for a good cause and a special person.

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 1000
Total Raised: 310

$310 of $1000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 51

51 of 25


Joseph Goodman piecewalk
Hollie Goodman piecewalk
Ronnie Lewis piecewalk
April Tozer piecewalk
Shyan Tozer piecewalk
Alex Tozer piecewalk
Austin Tozer piecewalk
Dakotah Tozer piecewalk
Todd Berry piecewalk
Sierra Booth piecewalk
Austin Booth piecewalk
Julie Meeley piecewalk
Jennifer Wilson piecewalk
Heather Fennell piecewalk
Billie Goodman piecewalk
Misty Lewis piecewalk
Patrice Crenshaw piecewalk
Ingrid Noone piecewalk
Charleen Elliot piecewalk
Janis Hart piecewalk
Felicia Berryman piecewalk
Daniel Ratzlaff piecewalk
Kair Berry piecewalk
Lela Vardaman piecewalk
Linda Richardson piecewalk
Donnie Goodman piecewalk
Annie Yarbrough piecewalk
Debbie Welch piecewalk
Grace Arbuckle piecewalk
Carey Plant piecewalk
Brenda Berry piecewalk
Connie Carroll piecewalk
Sandy Terpening piecewalk
Adam Vardaman piecewalk
Michelle Holmes piecewalk
Kirsten Goodman piecewalk
Rebecca Mcgee piecewalk
John Barnett piecewalk
Abbygail goodman piecewalk
michael goodman piecewalk
Pat BOOTH piecewalk
Shelley Loveless piecewalk
Megan Osborn piecewalk
Michele Berry piecewalk
Lee Hart piecewalk
Ricky Goodman piecewalk
Becky Holmes piecewalk
Paul Goodman piecewalk
Peggy Kerby piecewalk
Wade Berry piecewalk
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Hollie Goodman $5
FaceBook Fundraiser $305

Help'n Austin with Autism (Inactive) Oklahoma City

Team Message

Join our team we are all doing this for a great purpose.