Heath's Crew

Team Message

This team is for our son Heath. He was diagnosed with Autism shortly after he turned 2. It has not slowed him down one bit! Join us to walk or run on May 5 or just donate if you can't make it.

run/walk Donate

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 2000
Total Raised: 1665

$1665 of $2000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 30
Team Members: 35

35 of 30


Rachael Phillippi 5k
Jackie Darter piecewalk
Beth Phillippi 5k
Lorrie Bamford 5k
Ashley Hughes 5k
Rhonda Presley 5k
Steve Darter piecewalk
Beth Phillippi piecewalk
Tiffany Jones piecewalk
Lacey Jones 5k
Payton Jones 5k
Jo Ann Darter piecewalk
Leon Phillippi piecewalk
Heath Phillippi piecewalk
Helaina Phillippi piecewalk
Vickie Jones 5k
John Darter piecewalk
Tiffany Jones 5k
Paxton Jones 5k
Lori Mitchell Donor
William Matthews Donor
Cathy Minns Donor
Corey Stanfill Donor
Debbie Daniels Donor
Kevin Westfall Donor
John Meinders Donor
Brad Stoots Donor
Somer Torres Donor
Brent Emery Donor
Jim Rogers Donor
Angelo Hilton Donor
Sara Zellner Donor
Erin Cazalas Donor
Patricia Walker Donor
Lorrie Hellcat Bamford Donor


Rachael Phillippi $100.00
Lori Mitchell $25.00
Steve Darter $100.00
William Matthews $100.00
Cathy Minns $25.00
Corey Stanfill $25.00
Natural Stone Design LLC $50.00
Kevin Westfall $50.00
John Meinders $100.00
Brad Stoots $100.00
Somer Torres $25.00
Brent Emery $50.00
Jim Rogers $50.00
Angelo Hilton $20.00
Sara Zellner $200.00
Erin Cazalas $75.00
Patricia Walker $250.00
Lorrie Hellcat Bamford $25.00
Rhonda Presley $25.00