Grayson’s Go Getters Tulsa

Team Message

Autism is a journey we never planned for but we sure do   💙LOVE 💙 our tour guide.” We are so excited to share with our family and friends that we are participating in the  INAUGURAL AutismOklahoma PieceWalk Tulsa on May 4, 2019! AutismOklahoma makes AutismTulsa possible---money raised from this event provides free or low-cost programs that improve awareness, education, and quality of life for families and individuals impacted by autism. We exist to help individuals with autism reach their full potential, help families thrive, and help communities understand and embrace differences. We truly believe that each person with autism is UNIQUE and IMPORTANT--having something so special to offer the world! We would love for everyone to join us in person, or from wherever you are, so you can be a 🧩piece 🧩 of the Magic, too. 

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 2000
Total Raised: 1100

$1100 of $2000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 40

40 of 25


Tina Williams piecewalk
Allyson Cauthon piecewalk
Tory Davis piecewalk
Shannon Williams piecewalk
Logan Williams piecewalk
Saundra Altman piecewalk
Shonta Williams piecewalk
Grayson Williams piecewalk
Jeff Cauthon piecewalk
Henry Cauthon piecewalk
Courtney Murrell piecewalk
Robin Murrell piecewalk
Layla Murrell piecewalk
Aiyonna Murrell piecewalk
Jamie Mongeau piecewalk
Red Dorsey piecewalk
Brian Williams piecewalk
Sarah Williams piecewalk
Dana Lawson piecewalk
Mike Lawson piecewalk
Emma Lawson piecewalk
Jesse Lawson piecewalk
Kate Hanson piecewalk
Dana Snyder piecewalk
Bill Snyder piecewalk
Kristi Walton Donor
Ashley McClaran Donor
Tina Williams Donor
Trevis Gould Donor
Maci Morehouse Donor
Kristen McCormick Donor
Becky Rogalski Donor
Shanda Barnes Donor
Cary Whitlock Donor
Tory Davis Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor
Salway Wood Donor
Barbera Lehning Donor
Allyson Cauthon Donor
Cynthia Thyfault Donor


Kristi Walton $100
Ashley McClaran $100
Tina Williams $100
Tina Williams $100
Trevis Gould $50
Maci Morehouse $100
Kristen McCormick $20
Becky Rogalski $20
Shanda Barnes $25
Cary Whitlock $100
Tory Davis $20
FaceBook Fundraiser $250
Salway Wood $15
Barbera Lehning $30
Allyson Cauthon $20
Cynthia Thyfault $50