Grand Chpater of Royal Arch Masons of Oklahoma (Inactive) Oklahoma City

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The philanthropy of the Royal Arch Masons, from General Grand (international) to our local body is RARA, Royal Arch Research Assistance. RARA’s goal is to help with Central Auditory Processing Disorders or CAPD. RARA does that through 3 ways, (1) we help fund Dr. Frank Muziek, a researcher at the University of Arizona. He and his team research CAPD. (2) we continue to assist financially to the Hearing Health Foundation, by sponsoring four researchers in CAPD. (3) We have also committed to $1,000,000 with Autism Speaks in an effort to correlate signs of CAPD in Toddlers (ages 12 - 36 months) who have Autism. Since there was not an official Autism Speaks walk in Oklahoma, we are joining Autism Oklahoma at their “PieceWalk” on May 6th in Bricktown.

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