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Walking to support any and all in the Autism community. Our sweet girl Addyson Rose is 3 years old and is on the spectrum. We are her biggest fans and love to support her journey.

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$ 588

Team Fundraising Goal: 500
Total Raised: $588

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Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 32


Skye Powers piecewalk
Brady Powers piecewalk
Kim Abbott piecewalk
Brittany Stamm piecewalk
Kody Stamm piecewalk
Mo Abbott piecewalk
Lori Powers piecewalk
Tom Powers piecewalk
Spenser Powers piecewalk
Spenser Powers piecewalk
Richard Abbott piecewalk
Megan Livsey piecewalk
Brigette Flies piecewalk
Mark Flies piecewalk
Allison Morris piecewalk
Kailey Tromley piecewalk
Kim Mo Abbott donor
Jordyn McAdam piecewalk
Jim & Cathy Kielty donor
Rozanne Quintero donor
Cathy Claytor donor
Georgie Turner piecewalk
Veronica O’Leary donor
Donnita Dewey donor
Mary Minetti donor
Shana Schroeder piecewalk
Brandon Richardson piecewalk
Jennifer Richardson donor
Lorna Richardson piecewalk
Mike Stiles donor
Megan Irwin piecewalk
Molly Ooten piecewalk


Kim Mo Abbott $100
Jim & Cathy Kielty $100
Mary Minetti $75
Veronica O’Leary $50
Donnita Dewey $50
Mike Stiles $50
Shana Schroeder $35
Jennifer Richardson $35
Anonymous $25
Rozanne Quintero $25
Cathy Claytor $25
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