Fisher’s Frenzy (Inactive) Oklahoma City

Reactivate My Team

Hello Everyone! This is our second time participating in the piece walk in honor of  Zachary and I’s oldest Son Fisher!   Fisher was was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder in October of 2018, and ever since then we, as a family have been learning, changing, and growing in ways that help and benefit Fisher! He has come leaps and bounds in the last year! He went from being 100% non  verbal to now speaking some words and using sign language! He no longer self harms when upset and has developed great coping skills that can help get him through stressful situations! We know he will go up from here! The piece walk is a great way to spread awareness and acceptance and gain knowledge about autism as well as raise money for Oklahoma children and families just like ours! Our goal this year is $300, and we have the upmost faith we can accomplish this goal well before the walk! We would like a big crowd this year in support of our Fisher and family and ask to please join our team and walk with us!!! We are different not less! Please join our Frenzy!!

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