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Hello everyone! I’m starting this campaign in honor of my oldest son Fisher. Fisher is three years old and was diagnosed with level 2 autism in October of 2018. Fisher is your normal three year old rambunctious boy. He loves cars, trains, tractors and of course dirt! He is an absolute joy in our family, and holds a special place in any persons heart that he meets. Fisher as a baby progressed very normally. Crawling, rolling over, standing, walking and just about everything else that comes with normal progression in a baby...but he never spoke. He would do baby talk but never would say actual words. Then one day it’s like it all just stopped. Foods we use to be able to feed him, he wouldn’t eat. He wouldn’t make eye contact with us, and he started having these uncontrollable melt downs. Even worse then the meltdowns he began to harm himself. His dad and I just thought it was normal toddler temperature tantrums and we tried our best to find solutions to help him. We did time out...didn’t work. We tried making him a single plate of food and wouldn’t give him anything else to eat until he ate that...didn’t work, he just didn’t eat at all.  His tantrums got worse, and his self harm got so bad that we were scared to take him out in public. It got so bad one night that he whacked his head against the table so hard that he just fell flat back..I thought he knocked himself out but luckily he did not. He ate objects like styrofoam and plastic, sticks and dog food. He started having melt downs at families houses with people he’d always known. When we went to a family gathering you could just see the look of discomfort on his face. We started him in daycare and he wouldn’t play with the other kids. He wanted nothing to do with them. He preferred being totally alone and it just broke our heart. So finally with no other options and recommendations of his Pediactrician we got him tested for autism. We suspected he had it so our family began making adjustments accordingly. We started allowing him more time to adapt and relax. We started speech therapy. We learned that sometimes we need to give him his Space and let him stim to calm down. We still have a long way to go. Fisher still doesn’t speak yet. He says a few small words but it’s very far and few and in between. But he is starting to use sign language. Some days are harder then others but we wouldn’t trade any of this for the world. Fisher is incredibly bright and smart, and he figures out how to do things faster than I can figure out to do them. He’s smiley, energetic spaz ball that keeps this family on their toes. Plus he’s an incredible big brother to his two twin siblings. He may have autism and may need extra help to do things in his life but it will NEVER slow him down one bit.  We have high hopes and big dreams our big man and know he’ll accomplish whatever he sets his mind too! Lets lift him up, and the rest of world like him and show everyone that DIFFERENT IS NOT LESS!  

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