Team Message

Let's do this for Ellie and all the children struggling with autism. It has been a long road for us, but by walking we can make it better and easier for the next person. Never forget that diversity is beautiful.

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 300
Total Raised: 285

$285 of $300

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 15
Team Members: 38

38 of 15


Melissa Fitzgerald 5k
Erin Gordon 5k
John Fitzgerald 5k
Jordan Bailey piecewalk
Hannah Irving piecewalk
Jennifer Meadows piecewalk
Christina Vaughn piecewalk
John Simpson piecewalk
Nancy Simpson piecewalk
Ken Fitzgerald 5k
Ellen Fitzgerald piecewalk
Sarah Fitzgerald piecewalk
James Fitzgerald piecewalk
Jill Lucas piecewalk
Megan Pack piecewalk
Marla Galbraith piecewalk
Brett Gordon piecewalk
Ellie Fitzgerald piecewalk
Esse Lucas piecewalk
David Irving piecewalk
Carter Irving piecewalk
Avery Irving piecewalk
Hannah Gordon piecewalk
Emma Gordon piecewalk
Benjamin Gordon piecewalk
Johnny Fitzgerald piecewalk
Mackenzie Meadows piecewalk
Hailey Meadows piecewalk
Crystal Baker piecewalk
Valeria Baker piecewalk
Jennifer Meadows piecewalk
Mackenzie Meadows piecewalk
Hailey Meadows piecewalk
Collier Vaughn piecewalk
Camryn Priddy piecewalk
Luke & Megan Gilmore Donor
Sandra & Jim Baker Donor
John Simpson Donor


Luke & Megan Gilmore $50.00
Sandra & Jim Baker $50.00
John Simpson $50.00