DJ Juicebox Jones Tulsa

Team Message

Please help support Henry "DJ Juicebox" Jones.  Henry is 5 years old. He inspires me and amazes me everyday.  We have come so far on our Autism journey, and he never slows down.   He takes everything put in front of him and pushes through with strength and tenacity.  Please join DJ Juicebox's team and walk/run the 5K PieceWalk or consider donating to his team.

run/walk Donate

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 1000
Total Raised: 1015

$1015 of $1000

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 25
Team Members: 37

37 of 25


Carrie Jones piecewalk
Kelly Sasser piecewalk
Stephanie Diller piecewalk
Wendi Hayes piecewalk
Jeff Jones piecewalk
Kerri Record piecewalk
Vicki Jones piecewalk
Brad Jones piecewalk
Lisa Lee piecewalk
Kevin Diller piecewalk
Marcie Davis piecewalk
Jacob Lee piecewalk
Eleanor Sasser piecewalk
Trevor Hackler piecewalk
Pete Hackler piecewalk
Samantha Lee piecewalk
Tessa Lee piecewalk
Lilian Lee piecewalk
Eli Hayes piecewalk
Evan Hayes piecewalk
Ethan Hayes piecewalk
Jeremy Hayes piecewalk
Bob Bulick Donor
Katy Maxwell Donor
Luther Flanagan Donor
Chandler Baker Donor
Gayla Consiglio Donor
Duggan Phillips Donor
Becky Rogalski Donor
Aaron Williams Donor
Kathy and Carl Holliday Donor
Cathy Brunson Donor
Tim Armstrong Donor
Traci Jones-Brannan Donor
FaceBook Fundraiser Donor
Tricia Bogdan Donor
Vicki Jones Donor


Bob Bulick $20
Katy Maxwell $50
Luther Flanagan $20
Chandler Baker $20
Gayla Consiglio $10
Duggan Phillips $20
Becky Rogalski $20
Aaron Williams $30
Kathy and Carl Holliday $25
Cathy Brunson $30
Tim Armstrong $50
Traci Jones-Brannan $40
FaceBook Fundraiser $560
Tricia Bogdan $100
Vicki Jones $20