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Hey there! Our team will be joining the Piece walk to support Dillon Perry! He is my son! Dillon was diagnosed at age 5! He is the most fun, loving, and caring kid! He is currently in second grade and doing amazing! He enjoys playing on the phone, dancing and singing to music, and playing with his two younger brothers! Dillon has a huge support system, so I will be creating a team so we can all stay on page and so we can go and support our lovely! Autistic boy! 💕🧩💕 #LETSWALK #PIECEWALK #DILLONSDASH

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$ 400

Team Fundraising Goal: $1,500
Total Raised: $400

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Membership Goal: 20
Team Members: 16


Kendra Crouch donor
Anonymous donor
Brandon Wertman donor
Kasha Booker piecewalk
Dana Simpson piecewalk
Taylor Perry donor
Haley Hopkins piecewalk
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Wren Hopkins piecewalk
Kylee Englebretson piecewalk
Caleb Englebretson piecewalk
Brendall Perry piecewalk
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Cheryl Graves piecewalk
Dillon Perry piecewalk
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Kendra Crouch $100
Anonymous $100
Brandon Wertman $100
Taylor Perry $100
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