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Different Not Less (Inactive) Oklahoma City

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We are walking for our family and friends with Autism!

Different not Less (Inactive) Oklahoma City

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We are walking for DJ and RJ!

Different Not Less (Inactive) Oklahoma City

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Thomas was noticeably different from the time he was an infant. The differences became more apparent as he got older, and by the time he began preschool, the struggles were very real, very challenging and very scary at times. I expressed my concerns to his pediatrician for several years, but was met with resistance, lack of concern and little feedback other than, "He's just a toddler, that's what they do." My mama-heart and head said this wasn't right (especially since he is my 3rd child) and I pushed for more answers and spoke with other professionals. In September of 2017, my five-year-old son was suspended from kindergarten and subsequently admitted to a mental health hospital for inpatient care due to these challenges for which I had been seeking help, which included increasingly violent episodes toward himself and others. The "episodes" he had (as they were referred to) were frightening for all involved, as he would visibly be 'checked out' from himself - his face and eyes were blank, there was no Thomas there. On one occasion, it took his large male doctor, two nurses and myself to hold him so that he was not a danger to himself or others. These were not normal, little boy behaviors. These episodes were not Thomas when he was 'checked in.' By the end of his 7-week stay (the longest 7 weeks of all of our lives), Thomas was still the amazingly beautiful child we knew him to be inside but improved exponentially in terms of behavior, and we had received some answers from a wonderful team of doctors and therapists that had worked with him. Thomas was diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum (high-functioning), as well as having some other challenges when it comes to his emotions and sensory functions. Thomas is currently doing very well back in a public school setting, and has progressed by leaps and bounds in every aspect. However, continued therapies prove to be difficult at times outside of the hospital setting with such a lack of knowledge and resources in the area. This walk, the funds being raised, and this cause in general means so much to us because we know there are more pieces to the puzzle that need to be filled in regarding Autism research. No more parents need to feel like they are alone and unheard, desperate to help their child but not having the resources. No child needs to continue suffering because there is no resources, no help, no understanding for the way their minds work. Every child, adolescent and adult on the spectrum needs more. There is more understanding, more information, more help, more hope, more therapies .... there is more to be done everywhere.