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Welcome to Our Groovy Fundraising Team Page!

Our team is all about spreading good vibes and making a difference in the lives of individuals and families with Autism. Imagine a world where everyone is free to shine, where compassion and kindness are our guiding lights. That's the world we're striving to create, and we need your help to make it happen! So, grab your tie-dye, put on your favorite Beatles track, and join us in this far-out adventure to support a cause that’s close to our hearts.

Badges Earned

Elite Badge
Members 50
Raised 2500

Money Raised

$ 2,650

Team Fundraising Goal: $3,500
Total Raised: $2,650

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 50
Team Members: 51


Curtis Valvo piecewalk
Nic Gotcher piecewalk
Cornerstone Behavioral Health piecewalk
Anna Fogle piecewalk
Kristina Shekouh piecewalk
Kirsten Baker piecewalk
Monica Salazar piecewalk
Cornerstone Behavioral Health donor
kylee kelly piecewalk
Jamie Williams piecewalk
Hayley Garcia piecewalk
Nic Gotcher donor
Wesley Williams piecewalk
Gracie Haines piecewalk
Reagan Roy piecewalk
Kimberly Tedford piecewalk
Shane Kelly piecewalk
Tia Johnson piecewalk
Paul Rodriguez piecewalk
Theresa Paramore piecewalk
Morgan Walker piecewalk
Hannah Alexander piecewalk
Marc Johnson piecewalk
Danica Daquioag piecewalk
Audrey Rosenblatt piecewalk
Eduardo Aleman piecewalk
Daniel Anderson piecewalk
Kylee Kelly donor
Sierra Elledge piecewalk
Savannah Curry piecewalk
Josh Smith piecewalk
addison Smith piecewalk
ian Smith piecewalk
Kenzie Smith piecewalk
piper Smith piecewalk
Tresjon Thenarse piecewalk
Kendra Lairson piecewalk
Loren Nelson piecewalk
Carolyn Donaghey piecewalk
Taya Addington piecewalk
Alijah Criswell piecewalk
Emily Spears piecewalk
Brenna Shepherd piecewalk
Peyton Matteson piecewalk
Kamryn Green piecewalk
Tania Lowe piecewalk
Laura Labus piecewalk
Kallen Watterson piecewalk
Jane Simms piecewalk
Lila Bolt piecewalk


Cornerstone Behavioral Health $2,500
Nic Gotcher $100
Kylee Kelly $50
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