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Oklahoma City

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Copelen has always been a spark everywhere he goes. It's time to show him that his spark can make explosions! Share your love for Copelen and autism by supporting his team! No donations necessary, but would love for you guys to be apart of his walk! You can click on his photo and join his team "Copelen's Car Corner" and put your name, email and phone number in to be a member of his team. If you are available for the walk, its June 3rd starting at 6:30 at Scissortail Park in OKC. More information will follow as it gets closer.

Walks like this, make it possible for Copelen and others to receive the care they deserve.

Badges Earned

Members 50

Money Raised

$ 160

Team Fundraising Goal: $500
Total Raised: $160

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 30
Team Members: 57


Copelen Wilson piecewalk
Brice Coppinger piecewalk
Sheila Loyall Wilson piecewalk
Elizabeth Polesky piecewalk
Shawnee Dyer piecewalk
Merry Hays piecewalk
Audrey Green piecewalk
Edith Anderson piecewalk
Lacy Merchant piecewalk
Meagan Wilkes piecewalk
Evan Wilkes piecewalk
Austin Wilkes piecewalk
Natasha Best piecewalk
Nicole Raynor piecewalk
Kristi Wilson piecewalk
Anonymous piecewalk
Tyler Wilson piecewalk
Sara Smith piecewalk
Donna Tumey piecewalk
Laney Green piecewalk
Robert Hays piecewalk
James Green piecewalk
Grace Kalka piecewalk
Carol Morris piecewalk
Allie Graves piecewalk
Vicki Graves piecewalk
Abbie Dunagan piecewalk
Brian Blankenship piecewalk
Brenna Bagnaro piecewalk
Vanessa Hernandez piecewalk
Rachel Bjelke piecewalk
Skye Sutton piecewalk
Becky Benudiz piecewalk
Hannah Birdwell piecewalk
James Feliksik piecewalk
Irving De Leon piecewalk
Stacey Barton piecewalk
Kasey Curry piecewalk
Sydney Ore piecewalk
Susan Proctor-Dickenson piecewalk
Jane Murray piecewalk
Ryan Berry piecewalk
Tess Jackson piecewalk
Tori Tesch piecewalk
Sydney Magee piecewalk
Mark Magee piecewalk
Faith Gaulrapp piecewalk
Mat Gaulrapp piecewalk
Austin Wilkes piecewalk
Heather Taylor piecewalk
Todd Wilson donor
Sara Kerker donor
Jared Kerker piecewalk
Presley Kerker piecewalk
Marcia Dooley piecewalk
Brendalynn Johnson piecewalk
Facebook Fundraiser donor


Todd Wilson $100
Sara Kerker $50
Facebook Fundraiser $10
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