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My PW inspiration is our #TEAMALANNA , team captain Alanna Smith. Alanna is our beautiful twelve year old daughter who lives with a diagnosis of Autism/ADHD. Alanna also has limited verbal speech but is learning sign language to communicate. Alanna loves to stay active and is sensory seeker. Some of her favorite activities include singing, dancing, jumping, swinging, and eating crunchy snacks. This year will be Alanna’s 7th PW experience. We are so proud of her has she walks every step every year! We always love the opportunity to be among families just like us. We love the resource fair and of course getting pictures with all the Disney Plus charters who attend faithfully each year. This year again we walk to support Alanna and her cause to raise funds for Autism along with the support of our family, friends, and church family. We typically don’t get started until April so we hope an earlier start will bring about more progress. Our hope is that #TEAMALANNAs enthusiasm for the cause will bring about awareness for Autism and other spectrum disorders.

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