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He has always tried to communicate in ways that certain individuals could not understand, but as his mother I knew certain ques he would do that would let me know what he was wanting or needing. But there were so many things he couldn't communicate with me that would frustrate him that is where the tantrums would be displayed. Byron will be turning 8 in May, he still has not been able to verbally communicate with others, he cannot tell us if something hurts, why he is upset or happy, where he would like to go, what happened at school today, what he would like to do for his birthday, what he would like Santa to bring him for Christmas. With the steps we are making everyday and with the help of the peace walk and other organizations will allow families to have that help with therapy, schools, research for trying to figure out the puzzle pieces of autism. We love the joy Byron brings his family everyday, he has taught us patience, kindness and how to conquer life filled with obstacles and hurdles that others may not even imagine. Thank you, Nettie.

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