Brooksmayer | Piecewalk

Oklahoma City

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This is our second year to participate in the Piecewalk! We decided to give it a try last year, and Brooks loved it! This year, we are hoping to have a big group and to have lots of fun supporting our boy!

Badges Earned

Members 25
Raised 200

Money Raised

$ 355

Team Fundraising Goal: 500
Total Raised: $355

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 20
Team Members: 33


Ashtyn Mayer piecewalk
Todd Eilert piecewalk
Tandi Eilert piecewalk
Stephanie Jennings piecewalk
Suzanne Brown donor
Mike Billingsley donor
Sunni Crockett piecewalk
Andy Crockett donor
Rebecca Williams donor
Krysten Isenhower donor
Kade Williams piecewalk
Kristen Cody piecewalk
Kristin Rudd piecewalk
Lawson Rudd piecewalk
Jaxon Thomas piecewalk
Trae Ford piecewalk
Brandy Barker piecewalk
Keira Noear piecewalk
Bailey Ashley piecewalk
Ares Noear piecewalk
Lauren Dearing piecewalk
Lexi Roulston piecewalk
Chey Chaney piecewalk
Kaitlyn Chaney piecewalk
Oakley Chaney piecewalk
Bentley Chaney piecewalk
Rylee Hosp piecewalk
Nikki Conley piecewalk
Emma Hudson piecewalk
Kathy Carris piecewalk
Joseph Dearing piecewalk
Kevin Dearing piecewalk
Trevor McCormick piecewalk


Suzanne Brown $100
Rebecca Williams $100
Ashtyn Mayer $50
Tandi Eilert $50
Andy Crockett $20
Mike Billingsley $15
Stephanie Jennings $10
Krysten Isenhower $10
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