Bre @ Eric The Unstoppables Team Page

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Welcome to Bre @ Eric The Unstoppables team page. This team has been formed to support the Autism Oklahoma PieceWalk on 05/06/2017. Information about this team can be found below.

Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: $200.00
Total Raised: $200.00
$200 of $200

Members Recruited

Recruitment Goal: 15
Members Recruited: 20
20 of 15

Team Message:

We are walking to support Bre and Eric my niece and son. They are the light of my life and so very proud of them for all they go threw in a world of people that don’t understand. My son is a higher functioning Autism child then my niece and has fought hard to get where he is. My niece Bre is just an amazing and remarkable child she is fearless and such a joy to be around. They are just two kids in a sea of amazing kids. I hope you join our team to walk and support all those amazing kids out there.

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Team Event Participants:

Member NameEvent
Amanda Wagoner (Team Captain)piecewalk
Amber Boxpiecewalk
Candace Littonpiecewalk
Daniel Littonpiecewalk
Catrina Newcombpiecewalk
Jade Helmpiecewalk
Kassil Bellpiecewalk
Justin Lathroppiecewalk
Katie Harrispiecewalk
Elizabeth Harrispiecewalk
Leviticus Stubbspiecewalk
Bocephus Stubbspiecewalk
Vickie Hollandpiecewalk
Janae Houstonpiecewalk
Jennifer Littonpiecewalk
Nancy Littonpiecewalk
Jimmy Southernpiecewalk
Asher Struttonpiecewalk
Zaylee Struttonpiecewalk
Renea Harrispiecewalk

Team Donations Received:

DonorDonation Amount
Nancy Litton$100.00
Vickie Holland$45.00
Jennifer Litton$25.00
Amanda Wagoner$20.00
sharon alton$10.00