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My daughter and son, Bayleigh and Dyllan, were both diagnosed with Autism this past year. Bayleigh is 3 years old and currently non-verbal ASD2. She just started her special PreK school program and received a “Learning Lover” award for always trying everything even if it’s too hard! She is miss independent and insists she can do anything anyone else can do! She is always on the move running, climbing, jumping, bouncing, swinging, and any other movement she can fit in between! Dyllan is 10 and was misdiagnosed as having ADHD for 3 years and really struggling behaviorally in school before we discovered his correct diagnosis shortly after little sister sparked more research on our part. Dyllan is a math whiz and is working on Junior High math as a 4th grader! He is very compassionate and loves puppies. He is a Roblox gamer and loves to watch Kids Baking Championship!

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