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We are inviting our family and friends to join us for our very first Piece Walk this year! We are very excited to be a part of it! We want to support and advocate for a special girl named Ava and others who are on the spectrum. Ava is a sweet 10 year old girl who loves all animals, Christmas music, drawing, and French fries. We also want to raise money for this awesome organization and raise awareness about autism to all. We look forward to our team working together to raise money while having fun at the Piece Walk! Any amount that is donated will be greatly appreciated, thank you so much in advance! Let’s go Ava’s A-mazing team! 

Badges Earned

Elite Badge
Members 50
Raised 1000

Money Raised

$ 1,595

Team Fundraising Goal: $500
Total Raised: $1,595

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 10
Team Members: 65


Chanhome Sengkhamvilay piecewalk
Chanda Kimmel piecewalk
Virada Sengkhamvilay donor
Ava Sengkhamvilay piecewalk
Khamphan Phimphachan donor
Kris Kimmel piecewalk
Venus Ounvong piecewalk
Anonymous donor
Vanida Pham piecewalk
Joyce Brown piecewalk
Chris Brown piecewalk
Nathaniel Brown piecewalk
Nadia Brown piecewalk
Quyen Sengkhamvilay piecewalk
Paxton Sengkhamvilay piecewalk
Teslyn Sengkhamvilay piecewalk
Bo Sengkhamvilay piecewalk
Anonymous donor
gina seng donor
Abad Acuna piecewalk
Sudavan Phimphachan piecewalk
Jesse Acuna piecewalk
Alex Vongphakdy piecewalk
Peanut Acuna piecewalk
Gordon Vongphakdy piecewalk
Miranda Miller donor
Donna Craine piecewalk
Darrell Craine piecewalk
Gail Anderson donor
MD Harvey Insurance, LLC donor
Brooke Moore piecewalk
Bounchanh Senthavong donor
Matt Kimmel piecewalk
Sophie Weaver piecewalk
Tawn Huynh piecewalk
Pon Sengkhamvilay piecewalk
Alaina Sengkhamvilay piecewalk
Kumpa and Huy donor
Andy Siri piecewalk
Kongphet Srioudom donor
Lisa Foster donor
Phon Eakers donor
Fong Chanmanivone donor
Jeff Khamsivone donor
Sivilay Manisy donor
Linda VuTran donor
Anonymous donor
Dialo Byrd donor
Lammoon Thiphavanthong donor
Cassie McGough donor
Nunu Ruttman donor
Cathy Demarco donor
Quyen, Mone, Nena Sengkhamvilay donor
Nongnuj Ounvong donor
Anonymous donor
Rina & Thierry San Juan donor
Jay Chanthalangsy donor
Matt & Chanda Kimmel donor
Sudavan Phimprachanh donor
Nokky and Martin Tran donor
Lindsay Goodwin donor
Pon Sengkhamvilay donor
Hien Tran donor
Vimmy Srithongkum donor


Kumpa and Huy $100
Nongnuj Ounvong $100
Anonymous $100
Rina & Thierry San Juan $100
Quyen, Mone, Nena Sengkhamvilay $85
Anonymous $60
Virada Sengkhamvilay $50
Khamphan Phimphachan $50
Miranda Miller $50
Bounchanh Senthavong $50
Kongphet Srioudom $50
Jeff Khamsivone $50
Linda VuTran $50
Jay Chanthalangsy $50
Sudavan Phimprachanh $50
Pon Sengkhamvilay $50
Vimmy Srithongkum $50
Lisa Foster $40
Matt & Chanda Kimmel $40
Anonymous $30
gina seng $30
MD Harvey Insurance, LLC $30
Fong Chanmanivone $30
Dialo Byrd $30
Gail Anderson $25
Sivilay Manisy $25
Lammoon Thiphavanthong $25
Cathy Demarco $25
Lindsay Goodwin $25
Anonymous $20
Phon Eakers $20
Nunu Ruttman $20
Hien Tran $20
Cassie McGough $15
Nokky and Martin Tran $10
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