AHS Oklahoma

Team Message

Teamwork is the only way to success!! We love our group and want to come together to raise awareness in our community. Please help us meet our fundraising goal and/or become a team member!

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Money Raised

Team Fundraising Goal: 1500
Total Raised: 1800

$1800 of $1500

Members Recruited

Membership Goal: 20
Team Members: 53

53 of 20


Andrea Kramer piecewalk
Paula Bebian 5k
Jamie Vance piecewalk
Stephanie Ramirez 5k
Benjamin Ramirez 5k
Matthew Bowsher 5k
Andrew Wilson piecewalk
Jason Langrehr 5k
Katie Cabrera piecewalk
Brittannie Bowsher 5k
Marco Cabrera piecewalk
Summer Johnson piecewalk
Gijin Toolan piecewalk
Casey Emmendorfer piecewalk
Jacob Johnson 5k
Michelle Anderson 5k
Barbara Dyess piecewalk
Jessica Rhoades piecewalk
Staci Seguin piecewalk
Ricky Gilbert piecewalk
Abby Kramer piecewalk
Ryker Kramer piecewalk
Robert Bebian 5k
Levi Vance piecewalk
Austin Cabrera piecewalk
Lilyana Cabrera piecewalk
Daniel Johnson piecewalk
Decker Johnson piecewalk
Brendan Toolan piecewalk
Grady Toolan piecewalk
Bryce Emmendorfer piecewalk
Elayna Emmendorfer piecewalk
Janell Zuniga piecewalk
Charlee Zuniga piecewalk
Jake Seguin piecewalk
Teagan Lamberty piecewalk
Cayla McBee Donor
Kelly Little Donor
Chad & Victoria Holbrook Donor
Mandy Gibson Donor
David Thompson Donor
David Thompson Donor
Shirley Belba Donor
Leeann Prado Donor
Sarah FitzPatrick Donor
Beth/Doug Johnson Donor
Rise Bonner Donor
Tamara Huling Donor
Stephanie Dewitt Donor
Janell Zuniga Donor
Janell Zuniga Donor
Tina Hayes Donor
Tonya Sweat Donor


Cayla McBee $20.00
Kelly Little $50.00
Chad & Victoria Holbrook $20.00
Mandy Gibson $50.00
David Thompson $10.00
David Thompson $10.00
Shirley Belba $100.00
Leeann Prado $50.00
Sarah FitzPatrick $20.00
Beth/Doug Johnson $250.00
Rise Bonner $50.00
Tamara Huling $40.00
Gijin Toolan $100.00
Stephanie Dewitt $10.00
Casey Emmendorfer $100.00
Janell Zuniga $100.00
Assisting Better Life Experiences $300.00
Barbara Dyess $100.00
Jessica Rhoades $30.00
Tina Hayes $50.00
Tonya Sweat $25.00