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We are team 'Addy's World' as it's Addy's World and we're all just living in it through her eyes. Addy Rose is our bright, beautiful, happy 5 year old girl. We are her biggest fans and love to support her journey. This will be our 3rd year walking with many friends and family members to support any and all in the Autism community. Sign up to join us on the walk this year (the more the merrier!) or help support us by donating to our team goal. All donations are to Autism Oklahoma that facilitates so many great things for the Autism community. 

Badges Earned

Members 50
Raised 500
Community Event

Money Raised

$ 670

Team Fundraising Goal: $2,000
Total Raised: $670

Members Recruited


Membership Goal: 20
Team Members: 58


Brady Powers piecewalk
Kim Abbott piecewalk
Kody Stamm piecewalk
Mo Abbott piecewalk
Lori Powers piecewalk
Spenser Powers piecewalk
Richard Abbott piecewalk
Megan Livsey piecewalk
Allison Morris piecewalk
Kailey Tromley piecewalk
Kim Mo Abbott piecewalk
Jim & Cathy Kielty piecewalk
Georgie Turner piecewalk
Brandon Richardson piecewalk
Lorna Richardson piecewalk
Mike Stiles piecewalk
Brandon Richardson piecewalk
Heather Beckham piecewalk
Jennifer Richardson piecewalk
Jeananne Wilson piecewalk
Kim, Richard Abbott piecewalk
Ryan Moore piecewalk
Shirt Fundraiser piecewalk
Ted&Lori Stamm piecewalk
Cathy Claytor piecewalk
Johnnie's Give Back Event piecewalk
Cathy Kielty piecewalk
Mary Garcia piecewalk
John Joyce piecewalk
Lauren Schmidt piecewalk
Brittany Stamm piecewalk
James Schmidt piecewalk
Randolyn Turner piecewalk
Candace Johnston piecewalk
Mariah Allen piecewalk
Mary Minetti piecewalk
Jordyn McAdam piecewalk
Brooklyn Grieshober piecewalk
Tanya Khodabakhsh piecewalk
Brittany Stamm piecewalk
Mike and Karen Stiles piecewalk
Rozanne Quinteto piecewalk
Hannah Lopez piecewalk
Tom Powers piecewalk
Melody Gordon piecewalk
Jeff Gordon piecewalk
Kim/Richard Abbott piecewalk
Jennifer Richardson donor
Mark Crocker piecewalk
Skylar Morrison piecewalk
Terah Morrison piecewalk
Norah Morrison piecewalk
Anthony Morrison piecewalk
Milah Morrison piecewalk
Sharron Vaughn donor
Ashley Rohr piecewalk
Bonfire Shirts donor
Georgie Turner piecewalk


DFA Event $500
Bonfire Shirts $120
Jennifer Richardson $30
Sharron Vaughn $20
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