"A" Team for Austin (Inactive) Oklahoma City

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My name is Jennifer. I am a mom of two amazing children who challenge me to be better everyday. Six years ago my families life changed. Our son was diagnosed with Aspergers, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, OCD, and ADHD. We knew nothing about any of these diagnosis other than ADHD. Looking back over the past years I see what a whirlwind it has been. Things we could have done differently, the things we did great, the amazing support we received and resources we could have utilized that we knew nothing about. It has been a journey for our family. A journey paved with restless nights of no sleep, anguish of leaving a child no one understands with a school system struggling to make it a place that will work for him, fear for him because he doesn't understand his boundaries and has no regard for his own safety, disappointment because we knew life would be more difficult for him. What a difference Austin has made in our lives and our hearts though. Yes we've been down a difficult journey but we have had our eyes opened to Gods amazing Grace, Mercy and Tenderness. Our faith has carried all of us through. We have learned so much about all of Austin's diagnosis so that we are now equipped to educate our family and community. We have learned Austin is more than his diagnosis and he is able to overcome so many obstacles despite them.

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