Fundraising Ideas/Community Events

You have your team registered and now you are ready to host a fundraiser/wrap around event, but where to start? Here are a few ideas on what kind of event to have and 10 easy steps to hosting a successful event. The best fundraising ideas are those around your interests that involve people you know that share your interest. Sometime it is easier to ask for donations for our organization, Autism Oklahoma, than for our PieceWalk event.  Either way, your team will get credit. If you want help with advertising your event, we have a form that will help us gather the information we need. E-mail us if you need the form.

Here are some great ideas….
-Host a cook off… like a pie supper, dessert walk, chili-cook off!
-Book a restaurant night. Call a local

If you love to cook, have a cooking fundraiser–like a pie supper, dessert walk, chili-cook off. Charge an entry fee and let people pay to vote on the winner!
Host your own cupcake war.  Who can make the best cupcake?
If you know lots of mommies and kids, host an arts & craft event to make presents for Christmas.  Collect donations for supplies from local stores.  Charge a fee to participate and everyone walks away with a perfect gift.
If you like trivia, have a trivia night.
If you like to exercise, make an exercise group and issue a challenge.  Charge $10 if you miss a workout.  OR make it positive and LEAD the group to weight loss.  Donate by the pound lost.
Book a restaurant night.  Many local restaurants will donate 10% if you advertise the event.  Contact a local restaurant and ask if they host fundraisers.  Mention AutismOklahoma or your PieceWalk team and the resturant will give a percentage back to AutismOklahoma. We post what you raise on our team total!
Involve groups you already meet with… For example, get your business to do a jeans day, charge $2 to wear jeans and donate the money.  Ask your boy scout troop leader to do a hike with sponsors from local businesses and friends.  Ask your rotary club to consider Autism Oklahoma as their charity beneficiary.
Host a garage sale
Make greeting cards or a calendar with facts about autism Have a party with Scentsy or another product that will donate Have a casino night with your friends.  Everyone spends $20 and all winnings go to the PieceWalk team.
Ask your favorite musician to host a concert.
Set up a tournament with a specific board game, cards, or sport–like bowling, tennis, or darts!
Plan a local carwash Do an e-mail or facebook campaign asking for donations in honor of your loved one!


Involve the kids, they get this stuff!!! Some of the kids have done lemonade stands, bracelets for friends or a puzzle piece drive at school.

Ideas for hosting a successful event

First, pick a fundraising idea that you would like yourself and then set some very basica goals related to the money you would like to raise and the time you would like to commit to the event. After this, start by asking your family and friends for help.

The next step is to identify who you would like to invite and then find a location. Most fundraisers take place in someones home, but sometimes locations like schools or churches offer their space for free.

Get our your invitations and then remind everyone a few days ahead of tme. Share on Facebook and maybe start a Facebook conversation with everyone.

During the event, keep track of what money was raised and who helped. You will want to send out thank you notes after the event. Let them know that the money raised will be posted directly on your team’s donation total!

Lastly, don’t forget to ask them for ideas on how to make it better and ask them if they would like to come next year!