Do I have to register?

You do not have to register to walk in the PieceWalk, but it is highly encouraged. It helps us plan and make sure we have all the supplies and goodies needed to make your PieceWalk the very best possible. It also gives you access to information and resources that will make your PieceWalk more fulfilling for your family and your team.

If you are running the 5K, you do have to register and pay the modest fee.

Are there perks to registering your team?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to register, it’s easy, fast and free. When you register your team, you become the Team Captain. As Captain, you will have a platform to share your story, receive the PieceWalk newsletters, get access to the Team Captain and Social Media tools, be eligible to win awesome incentive prizes, and have a simple method by which to recruit and communicate with your Team.