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1. Who is AutismOklahoma?2021-12-27T14:02:06-06:00

Is AutismOklahoma part of a national organization?
NO. and every penny you have donated, or will donate, to us stays in Oklahoma to serve 4,500 Oklahoma children, adults and families each year. We are not part of a national umbrella organization that takes a portion of what we are given. When you support AutismOklahoma, you Live Local, Love Local, and Give Local.

Why does it matter?
1 in 44 Oklahoma children are on the autism spectrum. It is likely that you know, or will know, a family impacted by autism. More children are diagnosed with autism than Cancer, AIDS and Diabetes combined. The PieceWalk is a day for thousands to come together to collectively love these children, teens and adults.

Where does my money do?
Your tax-deductible donation is 100% local and provides support for the 4,500 children, adults and families directly served by us each year in 13 communities throughout Oklahoma. Our programs are free or nearly free, and 95 cents of each dollar raised goes directly back into programs. Learn more about our innovative programs at

Why AutismOklahoma?
We create supportive programs that allow our participants to succeed. Traditional community programs are not equipped to offer families impacted by autism the programs and services we do. We have carved out a highly-successful, creative and unique niche of filmmaking, art, creative writing and other interest-based programs that reveal the talents of our participants.



2. Who is DASH?2021-12-27T14:05:17-06:00

DASH is AutismOklahoma’s fun-loving red puzzle piece ambassador of joy. He is an expert at Thinking Differently. DASH loves to be part of our community, and you’ll see him at school assemblies, and other special events. DASH loves everyone, with or without autism, and shares our mission wherever he goes. When you see DASH, give him a shout-out and take a selfie with him!


3. How does the PieceWalk benefit my family?2021-12-27T14:06:08-06:00

It gives you a day to celebrate your family. It gives your family and friends a way to show your family their love and support. It is a day for you to meet other families on your same journey, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones. It is a day that shows Oklahoma the unique gifts, talents and perspectives of its 1 in 44 citizens on the autism spectrum. The PieceWalk is our primary funding source, so what does that mean to you? It means that we can continue to provide programs across Oklahoma for FREE or very low cost to our families.

4. Why is registering my team important?2021-12-27T14:01:07-06:00

Do I have to register?

You do not have to register to walk in the PieceWalk, but it is highly encouraged. It helps us plan and make sure we have all the supplies and goodies needed to make your PieceWalk the very best possible. It also gives you access to information and resources that will make your PieceWalk more fulfilling for your family and your team.

Are there perks to registering your team?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to register, it’s easy, fast and free. When you register your team, you become the Team Captain. As Captain, you will have a platform to share your story, receive the PieceWalk newsletters, get access to the Team Captain and Social Media tools, be eligible to win awesome incentive prizes, and have a simple method by which to recruit and communicate with your Team.

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