A Winner is You!

bowserkong-1-loContest: T-Shirt Design

Order one additional t-shirt and enter it into our contest by delivering it to AutismOklahoma no later than May 1st. We will not return the shirt to you, but we have a GREAT reason why. All of the shirts will be taken and made into an awesome t-shirt quilt that will be up for auction at the following year’s kickoff event. Your shirt will be a part of what is sure to be an amazing heirloom that will be cherished for years to come. Your shirt becomes another great way for you to help raise money for AutismOklahoma.
You can mail your shirt to
13919-B North May Ave #106
OKC, OK 73134
(Please note what team it is if your team name is not already on your shirt) 

If you want to drop it off you can do so at the AutismOklahoma building
806 Dean A. McGee
(Please make sure you email Crystal Frost at Crystal@AutismOklahoma first to make sure someone is in the office to drop it off with) 

There are four categories

  1. Most Creative Shirt
  2. Funniest T-shirt
  3. Best Use of Dash
  4. Best Overall T-shirt

Prizes include: 

  1. Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp
  2. Pokémon Monopoly Kanto Edition
  3. Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp
  4. Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet Backpack

Winners Notified: May 3

Contest: 10 x 20

Rules: Add 10 members to your team
Contest Starts: January 11
Deadline:  January 20
Prize: Entered into drawing for Timberland Designer Sunglasses

Contest: Level Up to 25

Rules: Increase your team to 25 members
Contest Starts: January 23
Deadline: February 6th
Prize: Entered into drawing for Sega Genesis Classic Game Console

Contest: What’s the Word

Rules: Share one word that describes what the PieceWalk means to your family
Contest Starts:  February 8
Deadline: February 14
Prize: Entered into drawing for Polaroid Classic Camera

Contest: Level Up and Love Your Community

Rules: Schedule a community wrap around event and send details to AO
Contest Starts: February 20
Deadline:  March 5
Prize: Entered into drawing for Dinner and movie

link-inion-loContest: $500 Again and Again

Rules: One entry for every $500 your team has raised
Contest Starts: March 6th
Deadline:  March 31
Prize: Entered into drawing for Amazon Echo Dot, free tickets to kick-off party April 1st Dash Bash – Game On!

Contest: Reach for Elite

Rules: Achieve Elite Status
Contest Starts: March 20
Deadline:  April 20
Prize: Entered into drawing for Mobile Game Party