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Team NameGoal DonationsTotal DonationsGoal RecruitsTotal Recruits
*TEAM SPARKLE*250.000.00107
Alex's Aces100.0020.00104
All Star Aspies1,000.0010.001013
Amazing Gracie1,000.000.00154
Autism Avengers500.00300.002011
AutismNorman 500.000.001511
Believin in Braden300.001,358.751512
Best PC Tech (Bees Knees)0.00100.0001
Blake & the Guppies 0.000.0009
Bowser Jr.s500.0030.0006
Bradys Linebackers1,500.00190.00759
Bridging The Gap2,500.00305.002511
Byng Pirates0.000.0001
Carter's Clique500.00950.001015
Caylees Cruisers500.00140.751514
Chuska Cares250.000.00153
Daniel's Ducks500.0020.00508
Danielson Duo1,000.000.00105
Dylan With Autism300.000.00102
Early Foundations0.000.0005
Ferree's Fiery Friends1,000.0060.00202
Finding A Piece For Eli1,000.000.0001
For Blake's Sake1,500.000.00251
Friends of the Freckled Avenger1,000.00104.40202
Frontier Falcons100.000.00101
Gearing Up for Greer1,000.00260.00152
Girls With Voices0.000.0001
Green Eggs and Sam500.00516.751010
Hatten Hooligans500.000.00102
Healthwise Champions120.0030.0041
Help'n Austin with Autism500.000.00306
Invader ZIM500.000.00206
Invisible Layers500.00100.0052
Jacob's Journey75.0020.00153
Jamison's Voice 100.0025.001512
Jeremy's Puzzle Pieces500.00425.001013
Johnson Jaguars100.000.002515
Jude's Dudes1,500.000.00200
Kelson's Kause2,000.000.00751
kilometers for Miles350.0030.00204
Knock Out Bullying for Autism2,000.000.004017
Lakeview Crew 0.000.0001
Love for Lanham500.0020.00259
Love for Lanham0.000.0004
Mali Moo's500.000.0073
Marching 4 Maycie500.0020.005017
Matthieu's Mafia500.00535.001514
Memphis's Monsters150.0020.00103
Micah's Minions500.00100.002513
Nates Piece Rangers 100.000.001510
Nathan's Voice1,000.00450.001010
Noah's Ark0.000.0078
Noah's ark 0.000.0080
OU Alpha Gamma Delta500.000.00102
Our Ausome Life500.0030.001010
Parker's Posse1,000.0060.00202
Paul John's Pals 0.000.0002
Paxton's Puzzle Pack 0.000.0002
Peace, Love, and Pop-Tarts500.000.00101
perfect piece to our hearts200.000.001018
Peyton and his magnetic zeros1,000.00200.00103
Piece Keepers1,000.0030.00101
Reagan Elementary Roadrunners500.000.001006
Reis' Pieces1,000.000.0000
Riley's Clan 0.000.0002
Sanaa's World300.000.00101
Saraben There, Done That2,000.00405.002010
Speak for Silas3,000.000.00151
Speaking for Spencer 5,000.003,130.002518
Stepp Lacy 0.000.0004
Team Brayden 500.00270.003526
Team Bubba200.000.0061
Team Cayleigh500.00250.002010
Team CIA100.000.0003
Team Crush2,000.000.00201
Team Isak300.000.00255
Team Jordan & Keithon1,000.000.00153
Team Julez1,000.0030.00250
Team Lila100.000.0054
Team Macy and her Froggy Friends350.00170.003015
Team Novi 100.000.00105
Team Pacey500.000.004510
Team Shark500.000.0042
Team Steven300.000.00100
Terrific Twinkies Levi and Lizie Team500.000.00106
Terrific Twinkies Levi and Lizie Team500.000.00107
The Braedon Bunch 0.000.0003
The J-Train500.000.0032
Tom Tom's Team777.000.0073
Tyler's Troops1,000.00375.002514
Walk with Joy1,500.001,875.002511